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Instructor: Sheila MathilakathLanguage: English

About the course

Is your teen really prepared to face the competition and succeed through life? Is he/she all geared up to MAKE IT BIG in life? Or do you worry that their lack of attention span, minimal interest in their career and poor time management skills is pulling them down?

Many teens succumb to the increasing pressure of performance across all areas of life. They hit rock bottom and stop dealing with their tasks. They start procrastinating, miss assignments, forget about tests, spend plenty of time “studying” (or not), and they are constantly in the pressure to PERFORM WELL.

This phase is as hard for the family as it is for the teen, especially after investing so much in their education.

And the truth be told … even the best of the schools are unable to deliver the skills required for them to succeed.

That’s because “ONE SIZE REALLY DOESN’T FIT ALL”. Today’s education system leaves limited room for personalized attention or individual’s development.

But what if your teen is equipped with the right kind of skills at the right time? What if he was equipped with the right ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS, MIND SET SKILLS AND CLARITY INTO THE FUTURE?They will not only PERFORM. They will EXCEL.

Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Together we’ll identify and create a long-term strategy to bring lasting changes in your teen’s life. When they are happy, productive and free from tolerations and problems, life is a lot more fun!

Can I do it?
Youth Coaching is specifically developed to help students develop the skills, thought patterns, and behaviours they need to succeed in high school and college. If you suspect that your teen may be missing some of these critical skills, Youth Coaching is for them.

We would like to thank Dr. Maggie Wray, Ph. D for her content for this program.

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