May 18 to May 21, 2023

The Hidden Oasis, Pune

Inherited family trauma shapes who we are. We pass on to our children what we haven’t resolved in ourselves.

You can end the cycle. Combined with the relaxing magic of mother nature in the eco-retreat, The Hidden Oasis, this experience will help your soul evolve to a new level.It will be laid back, with inspired conversations, meditations, processes to deepen your self-love, healing your chakras, cleansing your womb, and stepping into your authentic purpose. 
You'll experience meaningful one-on-one connections with other women and lots of time for reconnecting with yourself. You'll also have the support of your new soul squad because when women put their minds together...MAGIC HAPPENS!
 I will be there every day with you, holding sacred space for you to heal, uncover your Divine Feminine, and empowering you to release all the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from shining your light. We’ll be taking a step back from our busy lives to reconnect with our soul and our ‘enoughness” With not more than 30 seats, this retreat is a highly intense, highly experiential 4-day program for a more personal and deeper transformation. You will emerge with a better understanding of your life, your choices and your experiences.

So if you’re thinking “Yes Sheila, this is just what I’m looking for… I need to reconnect with myself and do all that with some incredible women” then what are you waiting for… come and join us!

As a Divine Feminine, you have been chosen to heal the traumas of your family. And you can start here. You have the power.

Your experience will include:

🌸 4 Healing workshops led by me, Sheila Mathilakath, including Family Constellation, Inter-generational Trauma Release, Womb Cleansing , Chakra Rebalancing & Shadow Work

🌸 Daily Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bath & processes led by our amazing co-facilitators

🌸 Daily Flowtime to spend your time connecting with the other amazing women participants, connect with nature through walks, treks, bathe under the waterfall or just take your me-time.

🌸 Hot-seat Coaching sessions, where you get a chance to ask Sheila your questions for clarity and guidance

🌸 3 nights, 4 days fun-filled stay at the eco-retreat THE HIDDEN OASIS @Pune

🌸 Plant-based dining experience prepared with fresh and natural ingredients

🌸 Sisterhood, connection & fun

This retreat is an invitation to heal, strengthen, clarify and awaken your connection to life itself.

Through awakening this connection, doorways of opportunity open up, wherever you are in your path.


Sheila Mathilakath 

Master Spirit Life Coach & Author

Sheila Mathilakath is a Master Spirit Life Coach & Author of multiple books. Her first book was nominated for Author Academy Awards, a NY Times red carpet event. She’s a Metaphors of Movement Coach & an NLP-K Facilitator, analysing your word palette to help you with your issues.
In addition she’s a trained Trauma Specialist, healing inter-generational trauma. She’s also a Sound Healer, an Angel tarot reader and a kundalini reiki therapist.
She’s worked with over thousands of women, helping them regain self worth & self confidence.



Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Womb Trauma Healing & Ancestral Healing processes to reverse the damage caused by both, intentional or unintentional childhood trauma.

Sunrise Yoga

Learn how to bring body, mind and breath in to union…simple processes that you can do even after you leave the retreat.


Thoughts are the language of your mind and emotions are the language of your body. Looking within and increasing awareness of stored, repressed emotions and releasing them.

Nature Walks

Nature is an amazing teacher. And city life does not give us enough nature connect. As we meander through the coffee plantations and forests and waterfalls, we will finally be able to let down our guard and breathe deeply.


No, you don’t need cushions or sit in lotus pose. We will meditate at waterfalls, in the forest, in the garden. And you will never again say “I can’t meditate”.


City life stifles our connection with nature. When we reconnect with nature, we also reconnect to be more mindful of our own body…understanding what we need to put in to our mind, and our bodies.


Unspoken and unexpressed emotions create toxicity in our relationships. This process allows you to address hidden issues, unearthing surprisingly emotional reactions and find a sense of significance and belongingness.


So many of us long for a connection with like-minded souls, someone to talk to, laugh with or cry, or just sit in silence with. Find your tribe here…and a non-judgmental space for yourself.

Campfire Fun

Why so serious, says Joker. True. Learning is fun, intuitive and transformative. Shamanic processes to create magic in your life..

What People Say

They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!

This retreat made me realize that I can create wonders if I believe in myself.

Queeni Soares

I met myself - after a long time. I realized that I create my reality

Vidhya Vinay

I love the way you infuse humour into even the most serious subjects. I enjoyed the session very much, it changed my entire approach.

Latha Sriram


Set amidst nature, surrounded by the magic of hills, waterfalls and forests.

How do I get there?

How do I get there? 

Our resort is located 36 km away from the nearest airport, i.e. Pune. It’s roughly a 1.30 hours drive from Pune airport. 

 By flight: Pune Airport, Pune - 36 km By train: Pune Railway Station - 34 km 

 By road: From Pune Airport it is a 1.3 hour drive to the resort. 

 We will provide you the contact details to book your car to the resort

When to Arrive and Depart 

If you’re on a tight schedule and flying in just for the Retreat, we suggest you time yourself to arrive on Thursday morning before 12 noon, and depart on Sunday evening.




RETREAT DATES : May 18th to May 21st 2023


Upto April 18, 2023 

Registrations close on April 30, 2023 

*Includes: Three & Half day stay on shared basis 

All 3 meals, tea/coffee/snacks



( From April 18 to April 30, 2023) 

*Includes: Three & Half day stay on a shared basis 

All 3 meals, tea/coffee/snacks


What’s holding you back?
Time? Responsibilities? Distance?
You are worth 4days of full investment into yourself.

Take a deep breath, silence the “hows”, pack your bags and come here.

To make it really easy for you, you can book your spot by paying only Rs 10,000 now. You can pay the balance by May 5, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions


The map and Contact details are listed within the contact information.


The cost of the hotel accommodation and food is included in the event fee. If you want to extend your stay, write in to us and we will arrange a special deal for you.


All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by us, in which case we will always make a full refund. However incase you contract Covid 19 or a family member is affected, we will provide a full refund.


All payments are processed via Instamojo. In case of overseas payment, PayPal is accepted. Contact us if you would like to pay via Bank Transfer or Gpay. All bills will be processed with GST.


Every participant, team member and speaker will need to bring a proof of vaccine or negative PCR-Test that can be validated with a QR-code, to participate at this event, no exception. The hotel will maintain all the safety precautions on their staff’s side like wearing masks and providing hand sanitisers throughout the property.

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