Sheila Mathilakath

Metaphors of Movement Coach & Author

3-Day Workshop to Break Money Patterns

Learn the right way to speak about money and the right way to feel about money, so that money flows easily and effortlessly in to your life.
The truth is this: our money is linked to our subconscious blueprint about money …and unless you change this blueprint, no matter what you know, what you learn and what you do, it won’t make any difference. The good news is it's actually possible to flip the switch. And make the entire process fun and easy.
In our many years of work, teaching and coaching people about their beliefs and conditioning about money, we’ve discovered that just the way you speak about money can cause the money to disappear from your life. Did you know this?
So if you are finally ready to stop worrying about money, or the next bill to pay, and devote more time to the things that matter - like your health, happiness, family and your own self – then this masterclass is for you.

My Money Story

Date : November 24, 25, 26, 2022

Time : 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM IST

In this 3-day workshop you will

Learn the Laws of Abundance
Available for all, once you apply the laws, money is no more a problem
Become Aware
Thoughts become things. Identify and catch them.
Create Intentionally
Intention is a super power. You will learn how to create intentions that bring money
Three Super Processes
You can begin manifesting money from day 1
The Quadrant of Life
Learn the no.1 reason why you don’t have the money you say you want
Have Fun
Money resonates with joy, love and gratitude. Simple processes that make manifestation fun.

This workshop has impacted the lives of over 5000 people, in India alone.
Our students have experienced shifts right in the first session itself…it is that simple.
Here’s what our Money Manifestors had to say after the masterclass:
“I received my stuck insurance money and my company nominated me for an award.”
“I got enquiry for teaching and first time they asked me to send fees details.”
“My yoga class students started calling me to restart the classes, also got an interview call and got selected with higher package than expected.”
Every time I attend your My Money Story, a miracle happens in my life. This time my husband gifted me my own car!”
I got a saving of 6% on my mortgage loan AND a reduction in loan tenure!

We’ll teach you that true and lasting financial freedom is actually much closer than you might think. Because making money, growing money and keeping money is a skill that we need to learn to take control over our life.

Meet your Money Coach

Sheila is an internationally Certified Master Spirit Life Coach & an enthusiastic, energetic and empowering International trainer & Speaker, with a major passion to help people realise the power of living a life of purpose and joy.

Known for her tough-love mentoring style, she pushes people to feel their edges and fly. She is the founder of Lumiere24, a coaching and mentoring firm and is one of the leading authorities in Personal Development. Her passion makes her travel around the country, delivering her message and she has touched the lives of over 5000 people.

She has trained with some of the big names in the industry, like T Harv Eker, Margaret Lynch, Blair Singer, Gerry Robert, Erica Marie, Robert Anthony, Nick Ortner, Neale Donald Walsch, to name a few.

She is an Internationally Certified Metaphors of Movement Coach, a modality which uses the words you speak to figure out the issues in your life. She is a NLP-K practitioner and the author of the best-selling book, I Complete Me, which was nominated for the Reader’s Choice Awards & the NY Times Academy awards.

In addition to Coaching, she is also trained in a variety of healing modalities: EFT, Access Bars, Angel tarot, Bach Flower Remedies, Kundalini Reiki, Gem Therapies, Switchwords, Power Symbols – which are used on a need-basis for therapies, if any.

Catch her on YouTube where she has a weekly show on Personal development

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